Praise Yo’ Self Rule


How life enhancing would it be to have a way to coax your inner greatness to emerge? What about a way to inoculate you against criticism and negativity from others?


Feelings of low self-esteem and inadequacy prevent us from taking the steps that can improve the quality and satisfaction in our lives. These feelings are often the culprit behind procrastination and self-sabotage.


The way we take care of ourselves and our health is impacted by the how much we value ourselves. Self-esteem affects the types of relationships we have and the roles we play in those relationships. Work performance and even how much we earn is connected to our sense of self-worth.


Praise is a tool that can unravel the grip feelings of low self-worth have on our lives. The transformative power of praise is supported by the Masaru Emoto rice experiment that has been successfully replicated by many curious enthusiasts on YouTube.


The rice experiment entails rice being placed in 2 or 3 separate containers. The containers are then labeled with positive words, negative words, and in some cases, a control is left unlabeled.


The rice container labeled with positive words of “thank you” and/or “I love you” are imbued with the matching emotions daily for a period of 30 days or more. The container with the negative label of “I hate you” and/or “you fool,” also has the matching emotions directed toward it for the same amount of time.


Sometimes a third, control container, of rice is used. This container is often left unlabeled, and no emotion or energy is directed toward it. This is the ignored container.


At the end of the allotted period, the rice containers exposed to the negative words and the ignored container are rotting and filled with mold. The rice container with the positive words directed toward it is usually in much better condition than the other two containers as little to no mold forms in this container.


The Law of Increase is the expansion we experience in our lives as a direct result of offering praise or appreciation for the things in our experience. This law can be applied to anything in our lives. We must praise whatever we want to raise and whatever we appreciate will appreciate.


Praise expands and opens the mind upward, while its opposite, condemnation, contracts and restricts. ~Raymond Holliwell, Working the Law

Try praising yourself in a variety of ways like “Naomi, you did a good job doing XYZ,” or “Wow, I look great in that outfit.” Say  to yourself, “That was a great idea,” or “That was really good insight.”


Look for multiple areas to in which to praise yourself. As Lisa Nichols says, before you check your likes on Facebook in the morning, like yourself first.


By praising yourself for your accomplishments, both small and large, you are creating an opening to allow for the expansion of those accomplishments. Praise increases your positives and transforms the negatives.


Love and praise your faults and witness their transformation, or at the very least revamp your perspective. Heighten your perception of your skills, talents, and gifts by directing well-deserved compliments to yourself.


Make it a habit to be your own cheerleader!


To get the ball rolling let me start by paying you a compliment:

You are a beautiful expression of God/Spirit/Universe. Your smile has the power to lift spirits; your words comfort hearts. Your unique gifts and talents are necessary and valuable to this world. You are made of matter, you can affect matter, and YOU matter.














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