Am I Lugging a Boulder w/ a Gold Nugget Inside?


Two things often happen when you decide to embark on the path toward achieving and accomplishing your deepest desires. The first is the initial high and excitement. You are infatuated and in ecstasy over the idea that, YES, the things you really desire are indeed possible.


As you go along on this journey, it starts to become apparent that something may be holding us back. You don’t quite know what this force is but you recognize it as you notice the ways you sabotage yourself.


Does that seem familiar to you? The more you experience this feeling of being stuck and not making the progress you want, it begins to feel like you’re dragging around a boulder. This “force” seems to be keeping you in place or even pulling you backward.


But there’s something you intuitively know about this boulder—it has a gold nugget inside! You want to break free from your boulder AND get that gold nugget out.


The first thing you need to think about to retrieve this nugget is how to strike. While it would be so easy just to cut the chain and claim your freedom, you want to acquire the reward hidden in the belly of this boulder you’ve been carrying around for so long.


It’s more than a lesson; it is a skill, talent, or gift being developed. You’ve strengthened certain muscles carrying around that boulder. So before you say good riddance, you’d like your parting gift, please.


And you know what, you deserve it!


Now that you’ve concluded demolishing that boulder isn’t an option, you are more than ever, determined to strike until you reveal your gold nugget.


Striking haphazardly would be inefficient and tiresome. When you have a problem, if you just attack it without assessing it first, the results are never pretty. It often ends up being a waste of your energy and more importantly, your time. Sometimes you create more unnecessary problems because you didn’t take the time to uncover the root of the problem.


We all have different boulders of varying sizes and material. You can never truly understand the extent of the load someone else is carrying judging by appearances alone. Your boulder may be smaller than someone else’s, but the rock may be harder to break apart.


It’s important to identify what your boulder is made of to decide the best tools to use. This means you’ll need to do some research to come up with the optimal plan of action for that type of boulder and execute it.


Every problem has a solution, having a plan ensures success in applying that solution.


Okay, you have the right tools, and now it’s time to strike.  With every strike, the rock weakens. You need to strike as often as possible, and you need to strike consistently. Strike more on the days you can for the days when you can’t, but not to the point of exhaustion.


Instead of striking vigorously for hours one day and being too tired to strike the next, pace yourself and strike as much as you can while pushing yourself to do just a little bit extra. The little extras add up, and you’ll still have plenty of energy the next day to give more.


Creating a daily habit or routine is another way to ensure the boulder is fractured and you can retrieve your gold nugget. Regardless of whatever tools you decide are best for your particular boulder, it is necessary to make striking the boulder a daily habit.


The boulder WILL crack with the consistency of your daily efforts, and the golden gift of your determination will be awaiting you.












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