Encouragement When You Feel Like You’re Alone


Have you ever felt discouraged but you didn’t have someone you could turn to for support or encouragement? I’ve been there. It was out of one of those moments where I craved emotional support the following words of encouragement came forth. I hope you draw strength from them.


I. First and foremost, you ARE that one in a million. You came into being by beating the odds. In all the possibilities and probabilities, you emerged.


II. Secondly, your dreams were given to you for a reason. They deserve to come to fruition, and you are worthy of accomplishing them.


III. You contribute whether you recognize it or not. Thank you for all the ways you give.


The smile you gave to that woman yesterday, the door you held open for that man, choosing to be honest when it wasn’t easy, or even taking care of yourself so your loved ones or the system doesn’t have to, thank you for all of that.

You do make a difference.


IV. You know how sometimes you think you can do it? Well you can, you have been doing it since birth. First, you took that first breath, then you learned to crawl, you learned to walk, read your first words, and learned your times tables. You get where I’m going with this.


It’s already programmed in you; you CAN do it. Get out or your own way and TRUST that there is something inside of you capable of doing it.


V. It IS going to happen for you. The only way it’s not going to happen is if you stop, so keep going. Do the work, put in the effort, use your faith, and trust in God, the Universe, or your higher self. I believe in you. Let’s make it happen together.


VI. YOU are the best you there is. Even right now. So what if you don’t have it all worked out yet. At this moment you are the best you there is and the best version of yourself right now.


Don’t worry about tomorrow’s possibly better version of you. I want to acknowledge this version of you and tell you that this version is great too. No one else can provide the unique gifts you offer.


VII. You are worth it! You are worth spending time with, being listened to, being appreciated, and being loved. All of it!


You are worth being promoted, being noticed, and waiting for. Now, remember that when you think about the “Have To’s” and “Shoulds.”


Work out and eat right because you deserve to be healthy. Get up early, put yourself out there, and work a little harder because you deserve to be the success you dream of.  You’re worth it.


VIII. You are greatness waiting to manifest. You can feel it brewing within you though you don’t always know to what capacity. Other times you doubt that you have what it takes to be great. Well, I’m here to tell you that you do.


The only difference between you, and the great men and women who walked or still inhabit this earth is they chose to believe that little voice that told them they could be great. Listen to your little voice, believe it, and be great!


If you know someone else, who could use a little support or some words of encouragement, pass this along to them. You never know how much of a difference it can make to feel like someone cares or empathizes with your plight.


Wishing you the BEST,


















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